About the Virtual Professional Organizer Certification

The act of becoming “certified” demonstrates an individual’s commitment to their profession. They respect and value the importance of industry ethics and have a desire for continued learning. CVPO™ certification indicates a broader and deeper understanding in the field of Virtual Organizing. Individuals who pass the credentialing exam demonstrate that they have met those standards and are committed to maintaining them.

Virtual Organizing (VO) is a sub-service within the field of professional organizing. VO requires a different delivery method from traditional on-site service delivery and requires a higher skill level that can only be achieved through appropriate training.

The Virtual Organizing Training for Professional Organizers program is international and supports Professional Organizers from a global perspective as well. We have graduated students from Canada, Netherlands, Germany, and South Africa. The Program is an intense, multi-media, live in-session, and independent performance program that runs throughout a 6-week period. All program candidates must be experienced Professional Organizers with a minimum of three (3) years hands-on, in-field client experience. Certification graduates must achieve the following criteria:

  • 100% attendance at all live training sessions
  • 100% group class interaction and participation
  • Adequately participate in required homework assignments
  • Complete two practicum assignments throughout the 6-weeks
  • Achieve 80% or higher on a proficiency exam
  • Achieve a minimum of between 30 and 40 program hours (approved industry CEU credits)

Why get Certified?

Every industry has standards to maintain, elevate, and protect. The Virtual Organizing Training for Professional Organizers program provides candidates with extended industry knowledge, self-discovery, increased skills, client delivery methodology, and credibility that is built upon program integrity. All are key to sustaining relevancy, effectiveness, and industry integrity.

Certification as a Virtual Professional Organizer (CVPO™) indicates that you are committed to your work through continued learning and your support in sustaining the industry’s integrity through best practices. Becoming certified also signifies a higher level of training to perspective clients, making you an “expert.” Trends are showing that becoming an expert in your field may have a crucial effect on future business success. (See: https://copyblogger.com/become-an-expert-now/). Superior knowledge-based training is recognized through Certification training and proves you as a committed and well-qualified provider as a Certified Virtual Professional Organizer™.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each candidate must prove to be a Professional Organizer in good standing, with a minimum of three years, in-field (hands-on site) experience.
No, as long as a candidate can meet the 3-year industry experience in the field of Professional Organizing, as mentioned above.
We meet weekly, for a total of six, 2-hour sessions, and all classes are live and recorded via video conferencing.
Yes. Although we only meet six times (12hrs.) there is approximately another 12-18 additional hours of individual assignments required.
Yes, there is an exam at the close of the training period to prove course proficiency.

Yes. Graduates will be invited to join our private FaceBook Virtual Organizers Alumni group were all graduates can ask questions, register for ongoing classes and exchange ideas and challenges.