Post-Graduate Certification Program

If you are a PRE-2020 graduate of the Virtual Organizing Training for Professional Organizers,™ program, and wish to acquire a Virtual Organizing Certification designation status, then this CLASS is for YOU!

This mini-program is designed ONLY for students who graduated prior to 2020. If you’re not sure, please check the date on your Certificate.

This mini, yet intensive, program is intended to provide you with a total course review, the newest & latest program insights, between class assignments, and live interactive discussion to prepare you for the required CVPO™ proficiency exam.

We will meet once per week, for three weeks each. This course program will be offered only a total of five (5) times throughout 2021. Registration requires a minimum of 8 participants to run, with a maximum of 15. If all currently scheduled classes are filled to capacity, we will happily open another class.

PLEASE NOTE: At the close of 2021 this Post Graduate Program will self-destruct. Anyone seeking Virtual Organizing Certification after 2021 will be required to register for the full 6-week CVPO™ program at the current rate. Registration for the March, May, August and October classes are currently open.

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